Published: April 21st 2020

Haunting Nights have been looking into this amazing location right in the heart of Robin Hood Country.

The team have visited this place many times and are looking forward to visiting in the future

The National Justice Museum is based at Nottingham’s old Shire Hall and County Gaol.

This historic building is famous for its grim past as it has been home to the local court since at 1375 and a prison with the first written record dating back to 1449.

Throughout the years many people passed through its doors and some stayed for longer than originally anticipated.

Over the years both the court and the prison were enlarged and in 1724, because of the courtroom being overcrowded, the floor collapsed, and several people fell with it into the cellar underneath.

The Hall was then rebuilt in 1772.

Public executions were also held in front of its central doorway for several decades, which was a popular form of entertainment back in the Victoria Britain.

Scaffold was erected over the iconic stone steps and the building was fronted by an iron palisade to help control unruly crowds.

The executions were so popular in fact, that impressive crowds turned up to watch.

The crowd was so dense that it spilled into the steps, now leading up to Nottingham Contemporary.

As panic broke loose people started falling and tripping over each other, with no place to escape several spectators were killed on the steps of Nottingham Contemporary and injured on the way leading up to National Justice Museum (now High Pavement street).

The last public execution in front of National Justice Museum took place in 1864 with Richard Thomas Parker whose life was taken for committing a murder.

The building was then used as a police station from 1905 to 1985 and the court closed in 1986.

Knowing this dark history, it’s not surprising that National Justice Museum is an epicentre for paranormal activity and one of the most haunted buildings in England.


Haunting Nights are looking at holding regular paranormal investigations here.

People often report feeling drowsy and get an impression of someone watching them.

There’re also several photographs circulating among the paranormal community with alleged poltergeists and their activity captured on film.

If you are a keen ghost hunter or just looking into the paranormal for the first time then visit the National Justice Museum with Haunting Nights.


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The locations that Josh will be exploring include: The Pendle Witches, The Skirrid Inn, The Galleries Of Justice, Bron Y Garth Abandoned Hospital, The Edinburgh Vaults, Fulford Manor, Jack The Ripper, The RSS Discovery, Kelvedon Hatch Bunker & Woodchester Mansion

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