Haunting Nights Interactive Ghost Walk This Autumn

A touch of History, a few ghostly tales and some ghost hunting at the haunted village of Wycoller Near Colne in Lancashire

In the shadow of Pendle Hill is the tiny hamlet of Wycoller and the eerie remains of Wycoller Hall

Ghostly sightings and chilling screams are said to be frequent in Wycoller, which many claim is Lancashire’s Most Haunted Village

The ghost of the horseman who gallops to the Hall, dismounts at the gate and enters through the door. As he climbs the ruins of the stone staircase, blood curdling screams which turn into groans are heard. Then the horseman re-appears at the doorway, mounts his horse and heads back the way he came.

This ghostly horseman is seen riding a black horse. Dressed in high boots, and long coat and a very wide-brimmed hat with a plume in it.

The Lady in Black is said to haunt Wycoller Hall.

Some witnesses have described her as wearing a long, black silk dress. In recent times she has been nicknamed Black Bess or Old Bess.

Is Bess the wife of the spectral horseman? or the wife of another Cunliffe who was drowned at sea in the seventeenth century, and now searches for her husband.

Two council workers saw Black Bess on the Pack Horse Bridge. She has also been seen near the fireplace dressed from head to toe in black silk. The apparition was still and silent, and after a few minutes she disappeared.

The village is also thought to be haunted by a phantom coach which races up to the door of the ruined Hall

Frequent visitors to Wycoller were the Bronte family and Wycoller Hall was the model for Ferndean Manor in the novel “Jane Eyre”.

The atmospheric ruins of the hall lie by Wycoller Beck which flows through the village.

The beck is crossed by no less than seven bridges, the oldest of which is Clam Bridge. Possibly more than 1000 years old, the bridge is listed as an Ancient Monument.

Close to the ruins of Wycoller Hall is the late 18th  Clapper Bridge. Grooves in the bridge formed by the weavers’ clogs were apparently chiselled flat by a farmer whose daughter fell and was fatally injured on the bridge.

The 15th century Pack-Horse Bridge also  referred to as Sally’s Bridge after Sally Owen, mother of Wycoller’s last squire.

The Railway Children starring Jenny Agutter also filmed in Wycoller

Flint tools and axe heads at Wycoller indicate that there was a community here from as early as the Stone Age. A small sheep farming community in the 17th century, by the late 18th century the village was booming. Weaving had come to Wycoller. Weaving with a hand loom was now the main occupation of the vast majority of households in the village

Join Haunting Nights This September In the shadow of Pendle Hill on an interactive ghost walk in Lancashire’s Most Haunted Village


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