Published: October 17th 2022

Ghost Hunts

Haunting Nights Team travel far & wide visiting haunted locations facilitating Ghost Hunts all over the UK

Today they share a few of their favorite haunted locations with you


  • Dave based in Liverpool! Love a good laugh on locations as I’m comedy gold obviously! Favorite locations are my 2nd home the Skirrid Inn, Liverpool St James but i love any Ghost Hunt location i get to do!

Ghost Hunt Liverpool

  • Sue based in Dudley in west midlands originally from Birmingham. Favourite interactive Ghost Walk would be Matthew Hopkins The Witch Finder General in Mistley, Essex. Favourite Ghost Hunt would be Bron Y Garth Abandon Hospital/Workhouse in North Wales….Closely Followed by Ghost Hunts at Guy Cliffe’s House in Warwick.


  • Vicki from Nottinghamshire, so obviously the best ghost walk is Sherwood (I’m an outlaw at heart). Would also explain why my favourite ghost hunts are at the Galleries of Justice!Ghost Hunts Nottingham


  • Claire, from Liverpool. My favourite interactive ghost walk has to be St James’ cemetery in Liverpool. My favourite ghost hunt is definitely Bron Y Garth abandoned workhouse/hospital in wales. The activity I experienced whilst there was mind blowing.


  • Kelly based in Buckinghamshire in the south east. My favourite ghost hunts by far is hell fire caves in west Wycombe, and Jack the Ripper in London


  • Meg, from Shropshire. My favourite ghost hunt has to be either Bron Y Garth in Wales or Smethwick Baths. It’s just too hard to choose between the two!


  • Sue from Shropshire, my favourite location to investigate is Guys Cliffe House, it is an absolutely stunning location. St Johns House Warwick and Four Crosses Cannock are two other favourites of mine, but to be honest I love to investigate any location especially if it has a cellar.


  • Sam originally from Staffordshire but spent most of my life living in Devon. I now live in the Forest of Dean. Favourite haunted location has to be The Skirrid Inn which also includes the Ghost walk.


  • Dave Originally from Salisbury in Wiltshire now lives in County Durham North East England. Have been investigating the Paranormal for over 15 years. Favourite HN location Ripon old Jail and Workhouse 3 fantastic venues in one night, and keeps surprising me every time.


  • Lucy, recently moved to Nottingham from Southampton. I have been a paranormal investigator for about 7 years. My favorite location is the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, it never fails to scare me.


  • Andy from Abergavenny South Wales. My favorite HN locations are Bron Y Garth and Woodchester MansionGhost Hunts South West


  • Mandy based in West Yorkshire originally from Leeds. My favorite HN Ghost Walk has to be the Bronte Village and my Favorite Ghost Hunt has to be Matthew Hopkins Witch Finder General in Essex.


What Ghost Adventure will be your favourite?