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Get closer to the stories than ever before. Our events have been handpicked after long research into the Haunted Histories & The Paranormal Activity of our locations Join us on an Interactive Ghost Walks with a wide range of locations.
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Join Haunting Nights as we go in search of the Most Haunted Stories in History including, The Pendle Witches, Matthew Hopkins Witch Finder General, Ghost hunts at prisons, asylums, workhouses, haunted underground and many more haunted locations
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Join Haunting Nights The UK’s Fastest Growing Ghost Adventure Company. Specializing in Ghost Hunts & Interactive Ghost Walks at the Most Haunted Paranormal Hotspots across the UK.

With over 30 years experience within the paranormal world the team have researched & Hand Picked the most active places & locations to bring you closer to the Most Haunted stories in history than ever before.

Haunting Nights Ghost Hunts, Psychic Nights, Ghost walks & Ghostly Tours are available to book securely online or by calling the Haunting Nights Team

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Witchfinder General Ghost Walk Essex

What fantastic night! Such a friendly team, thank you! We loved all the history of Matthew Hopkins & the poor ‘witches’ & we really enjoyed the walk up into the woods & the mysterious things that happened. We will be coming along to another. Xx

We absolutely  loved it and will definitely be booking more xx

Absolutely enjoyed the evening great guide Paul and super likeminded people. I will do this walk again for sure. Especially want to do the extended tour as well. See you soon.

Really enjoyed it! Very much looking forward to an overnight investigation in the red lion

We had a fantastic evening. It was so enjoyable. Cant recommend it enough. Hopefully it will be the first of many. Paul was brilliant. So knowledgeable and a great sense of humour. We loved it. Thanks so much. And the nippee sweetie when we got home was well deserved.

Salisbury Ghost Walk

Thank you Paul and Amanda for a superb evening.
We really enjoyed our evening and we hope to see you again at another night very soon.
The walk was great loved looking in ‘ The rifles museum my friend and I most definitely had something touch our neck at the same time !

St James Ghost Walk Liverpool

Thankyou it was amazing night , wouldn’t believe what we have found on our photos , will be booking again

Thanks for a great night last night really enjoyed it and when I went through my pictures I did find something spooky to be honest I didn’t think I would but thanks ladies will definitely be doing it again

Me and my daughter were on the st James walk last night , totally enjoyed it.

Chester Ghost Walk

Was a great night, very informative and fun

Was a great night

Blackeyed Children Interactive Ghost Walk Cannock

I went on the black eyed children ghost walk a few weeks ago, it was my first ever one and it was amazing! I’m sure that my tour guides were Paul and Meg and they were really brilliant, I highly recommend it! X

It was a brilliant night! Will deffo be back to do more hunts with you xx

Thank you for a great evening Paul



Salisbury Ghost Walk

Had the best evening with my mum and thank you to Haunting Nights official . Can’t wait for the overnight one.

Haunting Nights Ghost Adventures

Well what can we say. this company is just amazing, always a pleasure to come on one of their ghost hunts, lovely people, make you feel very welcome, always a fun night. nothing is ever staged.great what are you waiting for, give them a try, you will not be disappointed see you soon guys.xx

Pendle Witch Ghost Walk Lancashire

Great experience learnt so much and took part in some spooky ghost hunting can’t wait to do more Thank you

Eyam Village Of The Damned Interactive Ghost Walk

We had a brilliant time. Thoroughly enjoyed. Had so many experiences and things happen. It was amazing. Xx

Trial And Execution Interactive Ghost Walk Pendle Witches Lancaster

Thank you so much for your time and professionalism. You made the first experience fantastic.
Will definitely be going to Newsham. Thank you again so so much

It was a great night …. It was our first ghost walk together for my son

Thankyou for an interesting evening really enjoyed it. See you again soon

Thank you to Paul and Jo and was lovely to meet everyone. Had a brilliant time even with the rain

What an amazing night! Thanks guys

Blackeyed Children Interactive Ghost Walk Cannock

We had a fabulous night Paul, thank you so much I captured a couple of explainable photos

Blackeyed Children Interactive Ghost Walk Cannock

It was a great night, with a great group of people and, hopefully, the first of many.

The Witch Finder General Ghost Walk Essex

Such a chilling story and the woods were terrifying we saw and heard so much we will be joining you for the full overnight ghost hunt. Brilliant time was had by us all

Pendle Witch Ghost Walk Lancashire

Big thank you for last night, aside from, red hot ears, the ten minutes that I can’t remember, the burn on my forehead and Wendi getting bullied we really enjoyed it

Thank you we really enjoyed the walk last night

Really enjoyed it tonight guys! We will definitely be coming along with you again!

Pendle Witch Interactive Ghost Walk

Pendle Witch Ghost Walk Lancashire

Great night and lovely hosts. Cant wait to go on another .

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