Published: April 27th 2020


The London Underground transports millions of visitors every year, and the trains travel enough miles to circumnavigate the globe over and over. It’s only at the very early hours of the mornings and the late hours of night that you may find yourself alone in a tube carriage or on the platform. Haunting Nights took a look into just a few of the stories connected to the London Underground. Legend has it that the London Underground network plays host to a number of ghosts – spirits doomed to haunt the tube lines forever… For a bit of a spook, or just for a laugh, check out our list of haunted London Underground Stations



Bethnal Green [Central Line] (A) – Bethnal Green Station was the site of a terrible WWII tragedy. During the air raids and bombings of London in the ‘Blitz’ it was common for Londoners to hide in London Underground stations and tunnels for protection. However, at Bethnal Green Station 173 people died in a crush when panicked Londoners tried to force their way into the station, trampling and suffocating one another during their efforts to reach safety. – It is said that today the sounds of women and children can be heard when the station is particularly quiet and the haunting echoes of their cries and screams continue to this very day.


Liverpool Street [Central, Hammersmith & City, Circle and Metropolitan Lines] (B) – Liverpool Street Station is where all the CCTV footage of every station on the Underground network is collected and reviewed. In the year 2000, a Line Controller who was watching the footage noticed a man dressed in white overalls standing on the East-Bound Central Line platform…despite the fact that it was 2:00am and the station was closed! The Station Supervisor went to the platform to investigate and once there, found no trace of the man whatsoever. He had simply vanished into thin air, never to be seen again.



Holborn [Central and Piccadilly Lines] (C) – One of the most enduring hauntings on the London Underground takes place at Holborn Station. It is said that the ghost of mummified Egyptian on display in the nearby British Museum haunts the tunnels of Holborn Station (as well as the now disused former British Museum Tube Station), unsettled and seeking revenge for the display of their earthly remains to the public.


Covent Garden [Piccadilly Line] (D) – Covent Garden is home to one of the few identifiable ghosts on the Network. The ghost of actor William Terriss, who trod the boards of Covent Garden’s numerous theatres and was murdered at the nearby Adelphi Theatre, has routinely been spotted at the station and identified by those who were later shown pictures of the actor after reporting their encounter with a ghostly figure.

Kings Cross [Piccadilly, Northern, Victoria, Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City Lines] (E) – In 1987, Kings Cross Station was the site of a devastating fire which killed 31 people. But it was decades later in the 1990’s when the ghost of a crying young woman was reported wandering the tunnels of the station. The figure is heard screaming and crying as she runs past surprised commuters – even passing through them – before she disappears.

Aldgate [Metropolitan Line] (F) – It is said that Aldgate Station was built on top of a plague pit which was in use during the devastating plague of 1665. Strange sounds and mysterious moving objects have often been reported here. The most engaging example of the haunting took place when an electrician at the station was electrocuted – but did not die, despite the fatal voltage passing through his body. Colleagues who had been watching claimed that shortly before his electrocution, the ghostly transparent image of a woman was seen stroking his hair…

Bank/Monument (G,H) [Central, Northern, Circle, District Lines] – Bank and Monument Stations are connected to one another through pedestrian tunnels, but it is the Bank side of the Station that plays host to one tragic historical tale, and one ghostly legend. At the height of the Blitz, a tragedy took place at Bank Station when, on the 11th of January 1941, a bomb fell from German aircraft into the station before exploding, killing 50 and injuring over 50 more. It is said that the cries and moans of those killed can still be heard by those using the station at quiet times. – The second haunting is said to be the ghost of a woman named Sarah Whitehead. In the 19th century, Sarah’s brother – a worker at the Bank of England – was arrested for fraud and forgery and, once found guilty, executed. The death of her brother sent Sarah mad and for decades she would come to the Bank of England dressed entirely in black, asking after her brother. Although Sarah died over a century ago, a wandering woman dressed in black has been reported weeping through the station by commuters and workers alike.

Embankment (I) [Northern, Bakerloo, District, Circle Lines]– The hauntings reported at Embankment Underground Station actually takes place in a tunnel that is not accessible to the public. Underground employees have, for decades, reported strange experiences in a tunnel known as Pages Walk. This tunnel is now disused by the public but Underground workers still have access to it. Numerous employees have complained of feeling watched, encountering cold spots, as well as seeing doors open and shut when nobody else was present.

Farringdon (J) [Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City Lines] – Farringdon Station’s ghost has been identified by witnesses as a young girl. Historians believe that the apparition here is that of a 13-year-old named Annie who was murdered nearby in 1758, in a building that was later demolished to make way for the Station. Spotted by employees and visitors alike, the girl is often heard and not seen – her screams reportedly echoing out through the Station tunnels.

Elephant & Castle [Bakerloo Line] (K) – Elephant & Castle is another station with two hauntings. The first has never been seen; only heard. Known as ‘The Runner’ station staff working after closing hours have reported the sounds of running coming…and going, but the owner of the feet has never been seen. – The second is that of a young woman who has been spotted by commuters as well as station staff. She is seen boarding a Northern-bound train but disappears as soon as the doors close.