Published: April 21st 2020

Cornwall’s wild landscape and history of wrecking and smuggling lends itself to tales of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. Myths and legends abound, from the ghost of Merlin, said to inhabit a creepy cave beneath Tintagel Castle, to the Beast of Bodmin Moor, accused of savaging livestock in the dead of night.

Stories of ghost and haunting’s by the old Cut throats, Smugglers and Pirates that haunt local pubs and coast line are common so why not join the haunting nights team as we travel to the most haunted locations for theses amazing ghost hunt.

The Wellington Hotel is one of North Cornwall’s oldest Coaching Inns, dating back to the 17th Century. It was originally known as “The Bos Castle Hotel”, but was renamed in memory of the Duke of Wellington following his death. Its Castilian tower, still seen as the main feature on the exterior of the hotel, was added and the hotel renamed The Wellington Hotel.

According to Peter Underwood, the hotel has a number of ghosts associated with it. These include a figure that could be “a coachman or stable lad”, a male that allegedly committed suicide here, a little old lady and that of a young girl. Presences have been felt in rooms.