Published: July 14th 2020

Borley Rectory has always been one location that Haunting Nights have been interested in investigating

The village of Borley is infamous for the ‘Borley Rectory Affair’, involving the alleged haunting of the rectory.

At one time, Borley rectory was regarded as the “most haunted house in England”, but since its demolition and subjection to further scrutiny, many suspect that the haunting was either exaggerated or completely fabricated.

The case is synonymous with the psychical researcher, Harry Price, who spent significant time devoted to studying the haunting.

The reported phenomena included the appearance of a nun, a phantom coach driven by two headless horsemen, audible phenomena and words being found scrawled on walls.

Many books have been written about the case, and it usually features in any anthology on ghosts and hauntings.

However, we would suggest reading books on the subject by Harry Price, Peter Underwood and the Society for Psychical Research.