The Haunting Nights Ghost Adventure Continues in Haunted York

Haunting Nights will take you on an interactive ghost walk following in the footsteps of the condemned

Ghost hunting on the very site of the ancient gallows of York where many tortured souls remain today

Huge crowds would gather to watch convicts from murderers to petty thieves  hanged from what became known as the York Tyburn.

The York Tyburn is known to be an extremely haunted location and with its rather gruesome past there’s no surprise as to why.

Next to a small engraved stone on a paved area just off the footpath along Tadcaster Road just next to the York Racecourse is the location of what used to be the site of public executions.

The name of Tyburn comes from a village in Middlesex, which was where prisoners from the City of London were executed. This spot by the Knavesmire was York’s equivalent, giving it the nickname of York Tyburn.

The gallows were erected here in 1379 and saw the executions of many people. Some lost to history some other well know like the Welsh rebel Rhys ap Maredudd in 1292 and highwayman Dick Turpin in 1739.

Roman Catholic priests Alexander Rawlins and Henry Walpole were martyred here in 1595, in a particularly disturbing fashion.

The last hanging at York Tyburn was in 1801 before moving inside the walls. Dick Turpin’s ghost is said to haunted the execution site along with the ghosts of many  of those sentenced to the gallows after being convicted at the York Assizes.

Many Hauntings are linked to this locations and with horrid past what will you find on your Ghost Adventure?

During the walk you may have the opportunity to use various methods of ghost hunting to include Victorian seances, table tipping and glass moving as well as the more up to date methods .

Interactive Ghost Walk are for the ages of 16 & over.

Paranormal experiments that will be experienced on the night may vary depending on the weather conditions

Event Facts

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  • Duration:

    1 hour
  • Activity:

    Ghost Walks
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  • The Gallows of York Interactive Ghost Walk, York
    7th October 2022 - 7th October 2022

    19:30 - 20:30

  • The Gallows of York Interactive Ghost Walk, York
    7th October 2022 - 7th October 2022

    21:00 - 22:00



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