Your Haunting Nights Ghost Hunting Adventure Continues…….North Wales

Bron Y Garth Abandoned Hospital and Workhouse Ghost Walk will take you back in time to this dark and foreboding location which has been left abandoned and decaying

Within the walls of the prison you can feel the torment and misery which resonates from the bleak and torturous cells

Punishment and hard labour has certainly left its mark on this daunting location as the poor souls were left in isolation to break boulders into rocks in exchange for food, where only the strongest survived.

The Victorian Workhouse was a place of refuge for the poor and the conditions were questionable to say the least

Opened in the 1800s as the Ffestiniog Union Workhouse, the most destitute men, women, and children were offered refuge here. With many suffering from physical and mental illnesses were forced to work day after day in harsh conditions for basic food and a somewhere to sleep

Up to 150 inmates housed here in cramped, harsh and humiliating conditions that resulted in numerous untimely deaths

Following a commission set up by the British Medical Journal to improve inmates’ conditions in the country’s workhouses, Ffestiniog was deemed unfit and improved and expanded in 1897.

Fifty years later it was taken over by the NHS until its closure in 2009. In 2021 it remains untouched

Empty hospital beds and wheelchairs have been left abandoned in the decaying wards scratched messages are evident left by former inmates with the mortuary and chapel of rest being away from the main building having a very isolated and what can beset be described as a lonely feeling

Please Note:

Access to the Prison wing maybe restricted due to a protected bat roost, the ownwers of the location are working with Natural Resuorces Wales to overcome this access issue

All other areas of this vast location carry no restrictions


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  • Duration:

    1 hour
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    Ghost Walks
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This Ghost Walk Is Not Suitable For Wheelchairs

Parking is Free Onsite

Minimum age is 16 years old if accompanied by a parent/Guardian


Pricing, Dates & Availability

  • Bron Y Garth Hospital and Workhouse Interactive Ghost Walk Gwynedd Wales
    24th September 2022 - 24th September 2022

    19:30 - 20:30

    Limited Places Available
  • Bron Y Garth Hospital and Workhouse Interactive Ghost Walk Gwynedd Wales
    19th November 2022 - 19th November 2022

    19:30 - 20:30

    Limited Places Available


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